In the great words of Will Smith, “Summer, summer, summertime!”

That being my excuse for not blogging ;).  But along with all of the summer activities, visitors and entertaining the kiddos, I’ve been very busy with many new clients, which is great!  And better that I’m working on someone elses’ projects than my own, right? (that’s what I’m telling myself, anyway!).

So here’s a sampling of some of the wonderful clients I’ve had the pleasure of working with these past few months:

Along with many a logo design, I’ve done quite a bit of ad and print work lately, which I greatly enjoy (will post new business cards and ads on my portfolio soon).  But I’ve also had the pleasure of designing for a few projects I’m quite honored to have been a part of:

  • This wonderful gal is a previous client of mine (and a friend!), and I was so happy to help her with this blog.
  • And I’ve also been tickled to provide the template design for the 2010 International Babywearing Conference!  That awesome logo is not my work, but I did design the template from which these wonderful gals are creating their uber-informative site.

(I’ve got another very special project I’m working on right now, but we’ll save that for next time ;))

More to come!  Working with some really fabulous people right now, and while juggling it all can get pretty nuts, I love what I do, and I’m loving seeing all of these new businesses get started with such wonderful people.  Truly inspiring!