Gosh, is it too late to say ‘Happy New Year’???  Time has…zipped past me at warp speed.  But I hope everyone’s holidays were fun, safe and heartwarming.  It’s such a jam-packed month, December, and I know it’s hard to stop in your tracks and take a few seconds to just enjoy a moment.  Probably something we should be doing all year long (a resolution, perhaps?).

Though this blog nor my portfolio shows it, I have been busy working with some fabulous people!  I know I won’t get around to prettying my own site anytime soon, so will show some of my latest work here once again.

This client had an already-existing site design, but wanted a fresh, new, professional logo for her site and marketing materials.  We needed it to work with her current design scheme, so the challenge was to create something that popped, but was simple enough as to not clash with the background pattern.  She also wanted to tighten up the overall look and feel of her site, so I created a new header/banner that tied the logo and the site together, giving it a more hip look that flowed well. Still working on ads and business cards!  ::www.momandbabynaturally.com::

This client also had an existing site design, but hadn’t had a true logo designed yet.  So we needed to create something that flowed with the site, didn’t compete with the existing design, and  felt “…classy, unique, slightly whimsical and happy”!  Again, she wanting something on the simpler side, nothing to busy, and really wanted to incorporate a fun flower.  We also made a version of this with a bracelet that represents her lovely lampwork bead pieces for various marketing materials and watermarks for the photos of her work.  At time of publishing, Robbon doesn’t have the new logo on her site yet, but you can see the existing site design that we were working with :: www.ddbyrobbon.com:: .

One of my lovely previous clients referred Cheryl to me (thanks again, Erika!).  This was a lot of fun as she knew she wanted something with a flower/garden, but really let me run with it from there.  Again, simple was the key with this one, as we wanted to make sure that her site showcases her bags, but also popped on her marketing materials, etc.  I also created a web template for her new shop (at time of publishing it’s online, but not stocked =)).  With limited html experience, we needed to keep it easy for her to work with and update (set-up with Watersweb Hosting and the Iris Marketbuilder cart).  Her business cards were a lot of fun, mimicking the site design (I’ll get that up on my portfolio soon… fun double-sided design incorporating the ‘stitching’ from her site). ::www.onegardenstudio.com::