Designing for a Cause

I've mentioned I love this job, right?  And one of the things I love the most about it is that it's allowed me the opportunity to contribute my time and skills to extraordinary causes and groups, and to work with the amazing people behind them. I recently had the privilege of designing the logo for [...]

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The latest and greatest….

In the great words of Will Smith, "Summer, summer, summertime!" That being my excuse for not blogging ;).  But along with all of the summer activities, visitors and entertaining the kiddos, I've been very busy with many new clients, which is great!  And better that I'm working on someone elses' projects than my own, right? [...]

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New year, new designs!

Gosh, is it too late to say 'Happy New Year'???  Time has...zipped past me at warp speed.  But I hope everyone's holidays were fun, safe and heartwarming.  It's such a jam-packed month, December, and I know it's hard to stop in your tracks and take a few seconds to just enjoy a moment.  Probably something [...]

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Business ‘Refreshers’!

When my youngest came along, I basically stopped taking on site design.  Many reasons, but the primary being that logo, print and web graphic/ad design are smaller projects, thus I'm able to turn them over in a more timely manner. Lately I find that many small businesses are utilizing the various e-commerce hosts that allow [...]

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Some recent projects…

I've had the pleasure of working on some really great projects lately!  My most recent was for a wedding and event planner (what a fun job, right?).  Peacocks have some special meaning to her, so she wanted them somehow incorporated into the design.  We've both been quite tickled by 'Gertrude'. Two other projects I'm extremely [...]

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A happy customer

I've said it many times before...I love working with fellow WAHM's!  So nice to help and support each other, knowing that we all understand the trials and tribs (and joys!) of working from home.  And helping people to get their new businesses off the just makes me feel good. I recently completed a wee [...]

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Previous projects

One of the things I plan to use this blog for is to spotlight and share recently completed projects. The greatest thing about a blog is's much more crawlable than a static html site. So in doing this I can hopefully drive some additional traffic my clients' way! Since I didn't get this up [...]

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