New year, new designs!

Gosh, is it too late to say 'Happy New Year'???  Time has...zipped past me at warp speed.  But I hope everyone's holidays were fun, safe and heartwarming.  It's such a jam-packed month, December, and I know it's hard to stop in your tracks and take a few seconds to just enjoy a moment.  Probably something [...]

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Business ‘Refreshers’!

When my youngest came along, I basically stopped taking on site design.  Many reasons, but the primary being that logo, print and web graphic/ad design are smaller projects, thus I'm able to turn them over in a more timely manner. Lately I find that many small businesses are utilizing the various e-commerce hosts that allow [...]

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Previous projects

One of the things I plan to use this blog for is to spotlight and share recently completed projects. The greatest thing about a blog is's much more crawlable than a static html site. So in doing this I can hopefully drive some additional traffic my clients' way! Since I didn't get this up [...]

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