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Business ‘Refreshers’!

When my youngest came along, I basically stopped taking on site design.  Many reasons, but the primary being that logo, print and web graphic/ad design are smaller projects, thus I'm able to turn them over in a more timely manner. Lately I find that many small businesses are utilizing the various e-commerce hosts that allow [...]

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Some recent projects…

I've had the pleasure of working on some really great projects lately!  My most recent was for a wedding and event planner (what a fun job, right?).  Peacocks have some special meaning to her, so she wanted them somehow incorporated into the design.  We've both been quite tickled by 'Gertrude'. Two other projects I'm extremely [...]

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Green as *I* can be!

So I've had a few emails about the little banner there on the left, which has pushed me to get this written a bit sooner than I thought to (who knew peeps were already reading my bit of webspace, let alone paying attention to my 'decor'!). The funny thing is, I made that banner as [...]

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A happy customer

I've said it many times before...I love working with fellow WAHM's!  So nice to help and support each other, knowing that we all understand the trials and tribs (and joys!) of working from home.  And helping people to get their new businesses off the ground...it just makes me feel good. I recently completed a wee [...]

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Etsy is SUCH a problem…

Yep, I said it. My wishlist is a mile long (just a sampling down below...feel free to look, but don't buy! I want them for me!). Granted, most items stay just that...wishes (especially the $600 fire pit). But every now and again something has to come to play at my house. My will is only [...]

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Previous projects

One of the things I plan to use this blog for is to spotlight and share recently completed projects. The greatest thing about a blog is SEO...it's much more crawlable than a static html site. So in doing this I can hopefully drive some additional traffic my clients' way! Since I didn't get this up [...]

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In the beginning….

I finally got this up and running! Welcome to my wee bit o' webspace. While this is definitely an extension of my graphic design site, I'd also like it to be a place for musings, inspirations and finds, along with general updates and information for clients (current, past and potential!). If you're reading, hopefully you [...]

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