My name is Tracey, and I color and draw things for a living.

Best job ever.

After helping family, friends, friends-of-friends and the company I worked for at the time with various design projects (which also fed the creative ‘fix’ I needed), I decided to officially put my skills and training to work and began freelancing in 2007. I felt there was a niche of people and businesses that did not have access to professional graphic design, so I started offering my skills as a way to provide fellow creatives and other small business owners with unique design that made their business stand out from the rest, at an affordable cost. Thanks primarily to happy clients that have referred me to their friends, family, coworkers and colleagues for over 10 (?!) years and hundreds of projects later, my primary goal has stayed the same.

So why choose me?

Unique. Professional. Affordable. Did I mention that already? Graphic Design can be a large expense if you were to go through a design firm, and that’s not always feasible for small businesses. High-quality graphic design should not be reserved for those with a substantial design budget. You too want (and deserve) a graphic presence that truly represents your business and your product, that shows potential customers that yours is a professional business with an outstanding product or service. And from branding to marketing materials to site and social media design, I can get you there.

Time is on your side.

You’ll find that working with an independent designer is much more flexible than working with a firm…my turn-around is quicker, you’ll always hear back from me within 24 hours and my prices are much lower since it’s just me, myself and I on the payroll. I only work a few projects at a time, which does sometimes mean a bit of a waitlist, but it allows me to be totally focused on each individual project. So once we get started, that focused, personalized time makes for a much more expedient process.

Let’s get personal.

I won’t ask for your life story, but I will pick your brain a bit about you and your business, so that the end product is a completely unique design that is a reflection of you and the image you want your business to present. I love learning about each new business and industry! If you’re looking for fresh, contemporary design that captures the essence of you and your business, and would like to work with a designer that will take the time to get to know you and your goals for your company, I’m your girl.

It’s my joy.

I love the creative part of the designing, the reading, researching and learning to keep my skills current and innovative, and I love helping others do what they love to do. Period. It’s a thrill to work with other small business owners and be a part of their growth and success! And I love the client relationships I’ve developed over the years…I have the BEST clients.